Particle in Japanese “III”


For today, i’ll try to tell you about next particle, と, to.
Meaning of “to” is “and” or “with”.
Functon of this particle is used for plural in sentence.

Example sentences:
1. わたしとともだちはがくせいです。Watashi to tomodachi wa gakusei desu. Me and my friend are students. (subject)
2. バナナとミルクをかいます。Banana to miruku wo kaimasu. I buy banana and milk. (object)
3. わたしはわたなべさんといっしょうにたべます。Watashi wa watanabe san to isshouni tabemasu. I have eat with Watanabe together. (subject)

Some example is using for subject and object. Do you understand? Let’s make a sentences in comment 😀


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