Kanji of Elemental

elemenIn Japan, some elemen’s world are have transition into day, like Fire, Water, Earth, etc. In the other words, NihonJin(Japanese) are creative. Nature of energy is using for day.

Picture in the up are picture from elemental with the kanji,

  • 火 for Fire. ひ、び、ほ・カ
  • 水 for Water. みず・スイ
  • 風 for Wind. かぜ、かざ・フウ、フ
  • 土 for Earth. つち・ド、ト
  • 電  for Lightning. デン


Now for this picture, some kanji is evolved from their form.


That are sun, moon, fire, tree, eye, ear, and rain for that picture. But I’ll try to tell you without  eye, ear and rain. Maybe for the other chance. Well. start.

For Kanji of the day are using some that element.

  • 日 : ひ、び、か・ニチ・ジツ (sunday/にちようび・nichiyoubi)
  • 月 :つき・ゲツ、ガツ (monday/げつようび・getsuyoubi)
  • 火 :ひ、び、ほ・カ (tuesday/かようび・kayoubi)
  • 水 :みず・スイ (wednesday/すいようび・suiyoubi)
  • 木 :き、こ・ボク、モク (thursday/もくようび・mokuyoubi)
  • 金 :かね、かな、がね・キン、コン、ゴン (friday/きんようび・kinyoubi)
  • 土 :つち・ド、ト  (saturday/どようび・doyoubi)

Well, do you understand? now i’ll try to make sentences for example, that I hope make you more understand.

  1. 日よう日はやすみます. nichiyoubi wa yasumimasu. sunday is rest day.
  2. この土よう日はわたしのたんじょ日です. kono doyoubi wa watashi no tanjoubi desu. this saturday is my birthday.
  3. 水よう日にわたしはほんをかいます. suiyoubi ni watashi wa hon o kaimasu. I buy a book at wednesday.

Lesson is ending, if you understand, you can make a sentence with your condition. Try it on comment 😀


Next, more particel and kanji for you. Ganbatte kudasai!

Thanks for visit.



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