Particle’s in Japanese Language (II)


Today, i’ll try to tell you about another particel that using in japanese. Did you see, why any picture about の in the under the title?

That are studying today, about の、No.

Do you know that function? you know that, because that are familiar, as word and as particle. Multifunction. Many word’s that using this character. For the example,

  • のぼります/noborimasu/climb(for a mountain)
  • のります/norimasu/ride
  • のみます/nomimasu/drink
  • のり/nori/glue
  • のみもの/nomimono/beverage

For the particle, の is for ownering an object. in other word is, ownership. this is example,

  1. わたしのほん/watashi no hon/ my book
  2. あなたのじしょ/anata no jisho/ your dictionary
  3. かれのシャツ/kare no shatsu/ his shirt

ほん、じしょ、and, シャツ are object that have been owned by subject.

Do you understand? Let’s try in the comment!

If any mistakes, I’m so sorry. Thanks for visit!



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