why I forgotten this lessson?

So, I’ll try to tell you now.

Greeting in Japanese as known as “Aisatsu/ あいさつ” that how to greeting someone with kindly. Even, Japanese is individualism, but for the feeling they are so good. In another word is sensitive feeling. So, we must to be kindly with the other one in Japanese. This greeting are using from morning until night of the day. If you are study Japanese language, without this greetings, it feels so any weird.

For Meeting situation

おはようございます/ ohayou gozaimasu/good morning

こんにちは/konnichiwa/good afternoon

こんばんは/konbanwa/good evening

おやすみなさい/oyasuminasi/good sleep’s

さようなら/sayounara/good bye




For ask about feeling

おげんきですか?/ogenkidesuka?/ good?




For finishing the conversation

またあした/mataashita/see you

またあとで/mataatode/see you

よろしくおねがいします/yoroshikuonegaishimasu/with thanks

そろそろ、かえります/sorosoro,kaerimasu/better i’ll go home

ありがとうございます/arigatougozaimasu/terima kasih


For asking sorry



“ほんとうに”ごめんなさい/hountouni gomennasai/sorry from heart


For disturbing

しつれいします/shitsureishimasu/sorry, i’ll disturbing

すみませんが、。。。/sumimasenga…/ sorry…


Maybe, You need This.

いってきます/ittekimasu/i’ll go

いってらしい/itterasai/ be carefull


どうぞ/douzo/here you go

いただきます/let us eat

ごちそうさまでした/gochisousamadesita/thanks for food

ただいま/tadaima/i’m home

おかえりなさい/okaerinasai/welcome back


I feel, it’s good for us, beginnner to studying jepanese. If any mistakes, you can coment in this post, maybe if you are not understanding the english, you can to ask me. Please, comment. And thanks for visiting…



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